10 Reasons Why You Should Try ATP Coaching

  1. We believe that everyone has the Source within them – connection to that spark of life and eternity which permeates all of existence. We see that many if not most of us are disconnected from that Source through cultural conditioning, trauma, and lack of modelling.
  2. We believe that humans are made to experience what the ancients termed, Enlightenment or Realization. There is nothing mystical about this ongoing process of deepening connection to the richness and beauty of “what is” although this realization can help make our lives feel quite magical even in the midst of difficulties.
  3. While there may be correlations between our approach and those of other practices or traditions, we do not ask for our clients to accept any belief system. In fact, we encourage our clients to question everything, Our greatest tool is the art of inquiry.
  4. If we suggest a healing modality or practice, we fully expect that our clients will see the wisdom in the practice by doing and testing it themselves. Of course, we may ask clients to suspend their disbelief for a short period of time, accept our coaching, and follow-through with their own exploration and validation!
  5. Our training lasts for a six year period and is a continuing life’s work. There is depth and breadth of study and practice which takes honesty, dedication, and a huge commitment to our classmates and the process of reconnecting to our own life force. We are expected to live our work and grow from a childlike relationship with the world, to that of a full participant in the ongoing co-creation of life. This can look messy at times as the thing that is blocking our understanding may arise in our lives for clearing. A huge amount of compassion arises because of the sometimes humbling nature of our own growth process.
  6. Our map of how humans work is largely based on recent scientific findings from the field of Neuroscience, Brain Development, Anatomy, with an emphasis on the importance of the role of fascia, as well as psychological development stages which include Attachment Theory and Object Relations Theory. To this we add another layer or substrata which ties together our physiology and the experiences of mystics through the ages.
  7. We have regular supervisory sessions with our mentor to keep us clear as practitioners. We do not expect our clients to be able to go into territory that we have not been to ourselves and we are 100 percent committed to being aware of and clearing any projections or transferences on our part.
  8. We do not consider ourselves healers – instead, we stand as a fully present witness to our clients process as they explore and recover their innate ability to clear emotional material, often regaining health and vitality along the way. If this sounds confusing or unrealistic, it is only because our culture has us so unused to having this type of attention and intention focused on us and by us. We need help in remembering how powerful we are as that has not been modeled for many if not most of us.
  9. We see that what we call intuition, energy, and grounding, can be explained (mostly) through our anatomical experience as a human being and we are excited to share this information with you and have you experience it yourself!
  10. Even with our practical and grounded approach to realization, we leave room for what I like to term the Great Mystery of which we are all a part – ever-alive and ever-unfolding!

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