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At Pointing at the Moon, we are passionate about supporting our clients in the process of Awakening to their own True Nature. Using a combination of techniques – which may include deep listening, coaching, bodywork, processing of emotional material, and patterned physical movement –  we provide the tools, expertise and Presence necessary to unravel physical and emotional holding patterns. 

Operating from the core belief that our clients already have the Source within them, we recognize that achieving fully embodied grounding and awareness goes much quicker in the presence of those who have already traversed the emotional/physical territory which may be blocked.  We are dedicated to the continued unfolding of our own personal process so that what emerges in our sessions together is present moment oriented.  

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Awakening to Presence Coaching (ATP)

Is your heart’s desire to be fully free? To feel truly, internally prepared to meet life as it arises? To know and feel your own connection to Source – a connection which no one can take away from you no matter what external life situations you encounter? Are you tired of chasing teachers and practices that promise freedom but only hold a part of what is needed to get there, or make you feel dependent on some external force to ‘hold’ your awakening? 

In our experience, ATP or Awakening to Presence is a thorough and grounded way for human beings to awaken to their own True Nature.  An ATP Coach goes with you into those places in your mind and body which are blocked – bringing your awareness to the stuck programs and muscles which are keeping you from living a full and rich life and assisting with the release process when needed. We use a wide variety of tools which are dependent on the individual, but may include deep empathic listening, judge/inner critic work, bodywork, emotional processing, and forms of yoga and exercises for body restructuring. 

ATP is based on your biology. We can explain the ‘magic’ that happens as release occurs based on muscles, nerves, fascia and the neuro-biology of the brain. While the experience of being fully ‘in’ your body certain feels mystical, it is simply how we are meant to experience being human.  

The ATP Coach offers their Presence, or Essence – which arises as a result of allowing blockages to clear. ATP Coaches complete an intensive 6 year training program and have ongoing supervisory sessions. Having worked through a wide variety of holding patterns themselves, they are able to hold the space for the client’s process to arise with deep compassion, knowledge, and understanding. 

Most importantly, the ATP Coach is firm in the stance that it is YOU who have the Source within and know best how to shift to fully become who you already are. It is a privilege for us to assist in “clearing the mirror” so you can fully reflect your own strength, truth, and magnificence!

The ATP approach is thorough and takes time. You should expect to commit to a series of sessions, although of course, individual sessions may be purchased to see if the approach feels like a good fit. Take a look at our Awakening to Presence Coaching Services

10 reasons why you should try ATP coaching

 We are looking forward to working with you! 
– Linda and Peggy

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