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We are Pointing at the Moon, LLC.

Here’s a little more info about the team at Pointing at the Moon, LLC:

Linda Lyng– For many years I asked myself, why do some people seem to easily connect with others in a deep way and it seems so elusive for me? Why do I have tons of great ideas, but I can’t bring them to fruition? And perhaps most of all, why do I often feel as though something is essentially wrong with me and filled with shame?

I spent the last 25 years in serious attempts to dissemble the internal structures which have kept me from connecting, creating and feeling comfortable in my own skin. Along the way, I became a 200 hour certified Hatha Yoga teacher, a Reiki Master, studied the Universal Tao, Family Constellations and Holotropic Breathwork. I tried to put to test the work and writings of Wilhelm Reich, G.I. Gurdjieff, and many others from Vedic, Buddhist, and other traditions. My intuition and ability to feel energy grew and I was writing about and teaching what I learned, but still was never able to fully relax in my own skin and while I had pleasant experiences – they never lived up to what I had read about ‘enlightenment.’ What was I missing?

It wasn’t until I attended an Awakening to Presence workshop led by Michael Fleming that I got a glimpse of what it might be like to really be grounded in my body, to act from a true place where my speech aligned with my intention and most of all – I saw that there might a way out of the almost crippling anxiety I experienced on a daily basis despite my best efforts.

I learned that most of my anxiety stemmed from a pre-verbal time of development, that my daily yoga practice and other exercise had been further entrenching my character patterns which kept me shut down in certain ways.  While I didn’t understand how or why it worked at that workshop, I processed some of my emotional holding pattern and had a taste of a different type of release – I felt expanded – lighter and yet more ‘me’ at the same time. Soon after that workshop, I heard that a new six year training class was forming to be an ATP Coach. I dove in despite the daunting time, effort, and financial outlay that was ahead of me, all while holding a full-time job in IT and raising my daughter. That was five years ago and I can honestly say that it is the best decision I ever made.

While the process of healing has not been close to the pretty spiritual fantasy I had cultivated – of being recognized as somehow special and able to transcend the messiness of life – the reality of being connected to what is actually here has brought me a great deal of peace, assurance and trust in myself.  The type of trust that no one can take away no matter what the external circumstances.

I am looking forward to serving others in the way I have been served – held with great love, compassion, and deep understanding towards the next stage of human development and freedom.

Peggy Farley -Peggy introduced me to ATP and while she is catching up on writing her bio, I will say unequivocally that her natural affinity for this work and ability to deeply and compassionately connect with others has been inspirational and life-changing.

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