Presence is the New Black

Presence is the ubiquitous holy grail we’ve all been searching for.

Being fully embodied – at the point where soul meets flesh and bone – is where we can access all the vital and juicy lust for life from which we have cut ourselves off. There are many good reasons we do this – survival under difficult circumstances, a family that could not see or interact with us as the lovable, glorious creatures we are (as their family could not see them, and so on back through the ages). But we can touch that pool of Presence, Being, True Nature – however you like to think of it – if we mindfully begin to shed all the false constructs.

And we know this how?

The beauty part is – presence is self-authenticating. You just know. You don’t need anyone else to assure you it’s true – it just is. Yes, it’s helpful and even necessary a good part of the time to have the guidance of someone who has already been there. But once you’ve touched it – all the false paths are just not as enticing. And you only want more – more presence, more reality, more love, more connection. Sound good? The price of admission is – giving up everything you thought you were and entering into the reality of who you really are. While no one can do it for you, there is always support on the way – sometimes from the unlikeliest places. Like this blog. Who knows? Stay posted!

Love and Presence,
Linda and Peggy
Pointing at the Moon, LLC
Dropping Breadcrumbs in the Forest of Awakening since 2014


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